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I am a researcher and an Executive Coach who works with mindful leaders and innovative organizations on getting through uncertainty, creating greater impact, increasing flexibility and well-being. My clients are successful experts in their fields, who often feel that they want and can do more. I coach them to:

  • Comfortably move through uncertainty
  • Manage change in a way that is aligned with their core values
  • Re-discover internal motivation
  • Engage in meaningful projects that make a difference
  • Increase influence
  • Build cohesive, productive teams
  • Create psychological safety in their teams
  • Enhance creativity
  • Decrease anxiety and the fear of not being good enough
  • Become heard, seen, and valued by people who matter to them
  • Resolve complex work-related and personal conflicts
  • Become better listeners
  • Get the results they want, faster

My academic research focuses on the way decision-makers in tech, financial and healthcare industries use sensory-based tools for moving through uncertainty. I’m particularly interested in the notion of wayfinding, i.e. “know as you go” (vs. navigation, i.e. “know before you go”).


  • Over 20 years of experience in Organizational Development and Leadership Development
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methodology in Business and Management, SBS, UK
  • Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, NYU
  • PhD in progress, U. of Strathclyde Business School (SBS), Management Science Department
  • Life Coach Certification since 2004
  • Co-author of a book chapter “Intuition: Scientific, Non-Scientific, or Unscientific?” in the Handbook of Intuition Research as Practice (2020)
  • Co-author of a chapter on Intuition for the SAGE Encyclopedia of Theory in STEM (forthcoming 2022)
  • Author of Skeptic’s Guide to Intuition (2013), #1 bestseller on Amazon Kindle when published
  • Proven track record in quickly and accurately assessing situations, implementing evidence-based solutions, building consensus, motivating people to adjust behavioral patterns and think creatively
  • My clients are changing the world at: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, UN, Credit Suisse, Citi Group, The Bank of New York, NYSE, NYC HHC, American Council on Education, Rutgers, Cigna, UJA, The New School, Shure, Harvard U Medical Center, RE2H2 Energy Development.


Organizational Development

We begin by discussing the outcomes you aim to achieve, and exploring your organization’s resources and challenges. These initial discussions will define the content and format of the work that may include:

  • Data-driven customized Leadership Development programs
  • Creating consistency and flexibility across the organization in achieving excellence
  • Programs on wayfinding as a mode of knowing, managing energy under stress, developing awareness

Success Story: I coached five teams in one organization through goal alignment, team restructuring, effective peer feedback, worked with team managers on leadership skills, utilizing data from interviews, surveys, HR indicators, and input from the C-suite. As a result, communication improved (as reported by employees in interviews), staff satisfaction increased (survey), and the number of customer complaints in the department was reduced (HR indicators).

Executive Coaching

When a company needs to develop leaders who are asked to do more, do something differently, or make a transition into a new role, I can help. Through focus groups, interviews, observation, feedback, and one-on-one sessions, I coach leaders to:

  • Develop leadership styles that fit their personalities and organizational culture
  • Establish clear goals and performance expectations
  • Manage priorities and resolve work-life balance challenges
  • Make decisions that move the organization forward
  • Build and effectively manage teams
  • Tactfully address conflicts
  • Establish and use their personal strengths
  • Develop self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Understand how to foster creativity and innovation in their teams

Success Story: I established a comprehensive, sustainable corporate Executive Development Program in a four-location branch of the largest municipal healthcare system in the USA, with 7,000 employees.

Supporting Employees During Corporate Restructuring

Through one-on-one and group coaching, support employees who:

  • Are now expected to be exponentially more effective and do more with less
  • Must transition into new roles within the organization
  • Have to redefine their lives and careers outside of your corporation

Success Story: I assisted several departments in one organization to remain operational and highly effective during an unfortunate 50% corporate workforce reduction.

Facilitated Collaboration Sessions

Encourage your employees to think creatively, to fearlessly voice innovative ideas, and take ownership of implementing the best ideas utilizing the following process:

Step 1: Generate innovative ideas on a particular subject that your organization needs to address.
Step 2: Narrow down the ideas to the most viable ones without creating resentment.
Step 3: Facilitate the process of generating a detailed operating plan with a built-in accountability system.

Success Story: I guided a team of executives through aligning business strategy with corporate mission, with the purpose of improving employee morale and communication flow in the organization.

Wellness and Work-Life Flexibility Consulting

Get hands-on support in establishing and maintaining a comprehensive wellness program:

  • Evaluate effectiveness of your current wellness and work-life balance program
  • Enhance your existing program by comfortably fitting new elements: nutrition, fitness, mentoring, etc.
  • Create a new program based on the needs of the organization and employees
  • Evaluate and create policies that support wellness and work-life balance
  • Develop leaders who can support employees in the effort to achieve wellness and work-life balance

Success Story: I established an effective, sustainable Corporate Wellness Program for an organization with 1,000 employees.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Ensure that your company is providing competent, respectful, equitable services to a diverse client population as well as to the internal clients – employees.

  • Assess what is working well for your employees and clients, and understand what needs changing or adjusting
  • Translate vision and values for diverse, inclusive environment into specific behaviors for each job function
  • Design and deliver meaningful interventions and evaluate impact
  • Coaching diverse teams through finding common ground when culturally sensitive issues arise 

Success Story: In response to the newly issues National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services, mandated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, my colleague and I have developed an assessment to evaluate healthcare workers on providing culturally competent care, within the scope of each job. The assessment included competencies, expected behaviors, validation methods, and rating. We have presented this assessment at a national conference, highlighting best practices in culturally competent care. We also presented an original role-playing exercise, which included a vignette about a fictional organization with real issues around cultural competencies. We engaged all of the session attendees (nearly 100 healthcare workers from all over the US) in problem-solving and deeper exploration of the notion of culturally competent care.

Corporate Workshops for Parents

When you come to work, you don’t stop being a parent, and when you come home, you don’t stop being a director. How can your personal and work responsibilities coexist in harmony? I have designed and facilitated the following corporate workshops specifically for parents:

  • Values and Parenting: Raising Multicultural Children
  • Illusion and Reality of Having It All: Little Children, Big Careers, Sex, and Fulfillment
  • Career Mapping for Parents
  • Managing Energy in Stressful Situations
  • Survival Guide for Introverted Parents
  • Are You Really Listening? Essential Communication Guide for Families
  • Wayfinding: Charting Your Life Amidst Uncertainty

Success Story: Delivered a workshop on “Illusions and Reality of Having It All” at a retreat for families, giving parents the framework and language to discuss “Facebook life” vs. real life, refocusing attention, and putting a spark back into their lives when feeling spent at work. 

Keynote Talks

I strive for delivering engaging, inspiring, memorable presentations which are shaped by years of experience of presenting to groups of software engineers, therapists, healthcare professionals, marketing teams, lawyers, leaders of non-profits, and academics. My signature talks include:

  • Wayfinding: A Strategy for Advancing in Uncertainty
  • Wayfinding as a Mode of Knowing
  • From “Not Good Enough” to “Brilliant!”: Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome
  • Sensing for Thinkers
  • Managing Energy Under Pressure

Success Story: I have presented in front of audiences at Google, Facebook, MIT Sloan, The New School, Academy of Management, Garrison Institute, The New York Open Center, American Council on Education, Manhattan Board of Advisors, and at multiple Academy of Management conferences. I have also presented the Emergency Coaching Response workshop at People’s Recovery Summit in NYC, following NYC’s recovery from hurricane Sandy, to give leaders in various fields essential coaching skills and tools for responding to people in crisis.


“Alina’s laser sharp focus helps her get to the root cause of problems quickly and sensitively. She has a gift for connecting ideas, gently asking tough, important questions, and stimulating extraordinary thinking.” 

   — Dr. M. B., Founding Director of a university-based Innovation Lab, New York

“As an executive coach, Alina is profoundly deep, insightful and impressively resourceful.” 

     – Dr. A.V., Staff Software Engineer, TLM, Google

“Our work together is having dramatic, immediate positive impact. I am so very grateful!”     

— CEO of a non-profit, Executive Coaching Client, New York

“Bright, focused, a quick study and a delightful person.”     

— Dr. Al Vicere, Executive Education Professor of Strategic Leadership, Penn State

“You had amazing energy. I wish the class was longer! You left me wanting to learn more.”   

— Workshop participant at Facebook, New York

“Alina is an impressive facilitator and a strong executive coach with a remarkable ability to build consensus and deal with complexity.”

                                    — Vivian Sun, MS, RD, CDN, Director, Organizational & Staff Development, NYC HHC



CLIENT: Global Brand Partner (Social Media)

THE NEED: The client wanted to be promoted to a senior level leadership role, and needed to get clear on aligning performance with the desired role.

RESULT: The client is now in a highly visible global leadership role, having been promoted twice in two years. Over time, we collaborated in assessing and leveraging his strengths, strategically managing key relationships at work, take initiative, and building personal infrastructure that would support the client’s work-life balance once in a new role.

CLIENT: Chief Operating Officer (Large nonprofit)

THE NEED: This high-performing client wanted to reflect on whether he can manage his resources better, how he can improve as a leader, and build a strong relationship with the board of directors.

RESULT: The client put in place communication for improved interactions with the board of directors, building better rapport and creating consensus. We practiced “having difficult conversations with subordinates”. He got better at delegating, supporting his staff, and hiring qualified candidates.

CLIENT: Head of Creative Business Partnerships (Information Technology)

THE NEED: The client wanted to have greater strategic influence in the organization, increase visibility, and learn to manage up more effectively.

RESULT: Through our collaboration, the client made a lateral move into a role which is better aligned with the client’s core strengths and interests, afforded her greater visibility, and enabled meaningful interactions across the departments.

CLIENT: Chief Medical Officer (Healthcare)

THE NEED: The client requested help with departmental restructuring for better communication between employees, decreased customers wait time, and reducing potential for errors.

RESULT: The department was restructured, with buy-in from the staff, feedback from all stakeholders, role clarification exercises, team development activities, and implementing new communication practices suggested by the staff. Both staff satisfaction and customer satisfaction improved.

CLIENT: VP, Global Head of Quality Management (Investment Banking)

THE NEED: The client was on the brink of burnout due to work-related stress in a high-pressure environment, needed to find motivation and time to implement a personal wellness plan.

RESULT: We figured out which activities replenish his energy, and how to make them a priority, despite lack of time. The client increased physical activity, improved key personal relationships, and eventually moved to a higher level position in a different organization, which afforded him greater control of his time, attention, and energy.

CLIENT: Founder of an NYC-based Incubator for High-Tech Startups

THE NEED: The client was tasked with setting up a brand new incubator for international high-tech startups, from the idea to full implementation.

RESULT: Collaborated with the client to fine-tune the vision, mission and values of the incubator, figuring out its unique positioning, and getting the board of directors to agree with the client’s vision. Advised client in navigating strategic relationships with stakeholders at all levels, and creating a supportive international network of educators, entrepreneurs, startups, and key leaders in various industries.


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