Russian Jewish Family Retreat 2019

Kent, CT

with Alina Bas, M.A., certified Executive Coach 

Illusion and Reality of Having It All: Little Children, Big Careers, Sex, and Fulfillment 

Format:         Lecture, group discussion, Q & A
Duration:      1 hour
Program Description:
When talented high-achievers arrive to the top of the mountain, they often discover overwhelm and emptiness instead of excitement and relief. They wonder if there is another, higher mountain that holds the expected happiness, but neither a raise nor one more kid get them there. They wonder what they are doing wrong, why they are struggling while others seem to be enjoying. In this program we will:

  • Discuss how to best use (and where to get) attention, time and energy to feel joy
  • Explore the Impostor Syndrome: how to tell who is “the real deal” and who is faking it
  • Change internal dialogue from self-criticism into constructive ideas
  • Discuss how to be kinder to yourself and loved ones without lowering standards
  • Put play and a spark back into your life, and share it with your partner

Takeaway points (they will only make sense if you actually attended the class):

  • Comparing your inside to other people’s outside
  • Looking forward to accomplishments vs. looking back at accomplishments
  • Focusing on the way you want to feel rather than on what you want to get
  • How would you treat your best friend when s/he is overwhelmed? How do you treat yourself when you’re overwhelmed?
  • Whatever you focus on – expands.
  • Pay attention to your internal dialogue.
  • “Everyone is a little lonely, insecure, and a bit of a fraud.”
  • When you feel like an impostor, how can you change your narrative? History of success: keep a running list of what you have done Right.
  • Build your tribe (whom do you trust?)
  • Find your fit (does fish need to climb trees?)
  • Define success on your own terms (what matters to You?)
  • Make time and attention for intimate conversations, for deep human connections that stimulate your mind, soul, and body
  • Delight your senses: give your mind, your soul and your body something to play with, to look at, to feel, to smell, to taste, to touch, etc.
  • Learn how you connect/disconnect, engage/disengage, and when you need each one. Learn the same about your partner.


Wayfinding: Charting Your Life amidst Uncertainty  

Format:          Lecture, group discussion, Q & A
Duration:        1 hour
Program Description:
Wayfinding is “knowing as we go, not before we go”, which is often the case with career transitions, parenting, relationships, and personal growth. We must move forward even when we don’t know for sure what lies ahead, when straight-forward navigation from point A to point B is impossible, and when we are forced to use only internal markers for what feels right. In this program we will:

  • Understand why, the further you move in your work and life, the more you have to rely on wayfinding as a supplement to analysis
  • Explore the significance of self-awareness in making decisions
  • Apply principles of wayfinding to your career and life planning

Takeaway points (they will only make sense if you actually attended the class):

  • To find a house, you may need just an address; to find a home, you will need a concept of a home, and a sense of what home feels like, to you and to your partner. And this is basically the difference between navigation and wayfinding.
  • With wayfinding, you “know as you go”, often discovering along the way both destination and the path.
  • Intuitive wayfinding, in contrast with fact-based navigation, engages sensory input and tacit cognitive systems for aligning with desired outcome, solution, or destination.
  • Knowledge of facts is only one aspect of knowing, and even that part is not about the truth. The other aspect of knowing is intuition-based, and one is not more important or not correct than the other.
  • “Baseline normal” vs. “target normal”
  • Well-structured vs. ill-structured problems, programmable vs. non-programmable decisions
  • Bodifulness
  • Reading emerging signs (example with downhill skiing)
  • If you don’t know what the destination looks like, how do you know that you’ve arrived? Creating internal sensory-based markers.


Struggles often faced by my coaching clients:

  • They often feel like “nothing is really wrong, but…” Something feels off (although others can’t tell)
  • They set the bar high for themselves, reach it, but don’t recharge themselves enough for the journey
  • They’re “doing it all”, just as you like it, but wish to feel lighter and more joyful in the process
  • Others often seem to have a higher opinion of them than they often have of themselves
  • They rely on both analysis and their intuition, and the two often disagree in their lives

Together, we:

  • Increase physical, cognitive, and emotional self-awareness for improved coping skills
  • Improve the overall well-being, increase joy, and build confidence
  • Develop a powerful narrative about self, and an inspiring vision for one’s journey
  • Cultivate out-of-the-box thinking/sensing to avoid feeling stuck
  • Reduce anxiety and self-doubt by addressing Impostor syndrome
  • Increase comfort level in dealing with complex, ambiguous situations

My credentials:

  • I am a seasoned certified Executive Coach with 20 years of experience in Leadership Development
  • Master’s from NYU in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Currently pursuing a PhD in Management Science from the University of Strathclyde Business School
  • Presented before audiences at MIT Sloan, Google, Facebook, The Garrison Institute, New York Open Center, and Academy of Management
  • My clients are changing the world at Microsoft, Oracle, United Nations, Google, Facebook, Credit Suisse, and on
  • Amazon #1 best-selling author of Skeptic’s Guide to Intuition
  • I deeply care about the work we do together with each client

Want to connect?

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Thank you again for coming to my workshop at Kibbutznik!