Executive Coaching for the UJA-Federation Community Lab

with Alina Bas, M.A., certified Executive Coach

About our work together:

  • As a part of the UJA executive coaching program, you are selected to participate in executive coaching, and I look forward to connecting with you!
  • You will receive individual one-hour executive coaching sessions, 1 or 2 weeks apart (via phone/Skype/Hangouts, per your preference)
  • … and some extras:
    • Email support between sessions as necessary
    • Custom-designed homework and experiments between sessions based on your vision, strengths, and gaps between current and desired situation
    • Specific tools and strategies you can use to meet your objectives
    • Notes from each session
  • Together, we will:
    • Create and implement a plan to meet your personal and professional goals
    • Increase physical, cognitive, and emotional self-awareness for improved coping skills
    • Improve the overall well-being, increase joy, and build confidence
    • Develop a powerful narrative about self, and an inspiring vision for one’s journey
    • Cultivate out-of-the-box thinking/sensing to avoid feeling stuck
    • Reduce anxiety and self-doubt by addressing Impostor syndrome
    • Increase comfort level in dealing with complex, ambiguous situations
  • During our sessions, you will be heard, cared for, inspired, supported, energized, and challenged.

To enroll:

1. Click on this link to register ( https://tinyurl.com/yy675dpo )

2. Schedule executive coaching sessions, approximately one or two weeks apart, as soon as you can, using the unique code provided in your email receipt upon registration.

Please, email me at Alina@AlinaBas.com or text me at 917.208.8094 if you are having any trouble scheduling

Struggles often faced by my coaching clients:

      • They often feel like “nothing is really wrong, but…” Something feels off (although others can’t tell)
      • They set the bar high for themselves, reach it, but don’t recharge themselves enough for the journey
      • They’re “doing it all”, just as you like it, but wish to feel lighter and more joyful in the process
      • Others often seem to have a higher opinion of them than they often have of themselves
      • They rely on both analysis and their intuition, and the two often disagree in their lives

My credentials:

      • I am a seasoned certified Executive Coach with 20 years of experience in Leadership Development
      • Master’s from NYU in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
      • Currently pursuing a PhD in Management Science from the University of Strathclyde Business School
      • Presented before audiences at MIT Sloan, Google, Facebook, The Garrison Institute, New York Open Center, and Academy of Management
      • My clients are changing the world at Microsoft, Oracle, United Nations, Google, Facebook, Credit Suisse, and on
      • Amazon #1 best-selling author of Skeptic’s Guide to Intuition
      • I deeply care about the work we do together with each client

My commitment to you:

I will be generous with my attention and expertise during our work, without holding anything back. I will take time to get to know you and to understand your journey. I will be in your corner with full support, clear reflection, and coaching as you shape your path. We will become a part of each other’s wayfinding journey from this point forward.

What I ask of you:

Please, show up fully and on time. Be brave: ask for whatever you need and think Big. Be prepared for our sessions: do the homework, experiment, and ask questions. If something does not feel right to you as we work together, please, say something so that we can make it work and create the most empowering and inspiring coaching experience for you.

Please, kindly email me Alina@AlinaBas.com or text me at 917.208.8094 with any questions.

I look forward to working with you!