Gain control of your time.

Lose track of time because you are engaged in doing what matters.

Put attention on what you want to expand. Make a difference, on your own terms.

Reshape your work. Redefine success.

Individual Solutions Packages

Planning Session


1.5 hour Strategic Planning session

This is an intensive, personalized strategic planning session to figure out the next moves in your career and life. We’ll talk about your life: your goals, your hopes, plans, and dreams. I will ask you questions that will shift your perspective, and you will feel enabled to take immediate steps toward creating the life that you want. (Via Skype, Hangouts, or phone)

I will ask you questions that will shift your perspective. You will be able to take immediate steps toward implementing the new vision. You are an analytical person who wants to make things happen: a clear goal, a solid plan, and a visible path. You also don’t dismiss the idea that energy matters, and want access to data you can’t always gather through conventional means. This package offers the best of two worlds. Investment: 350 US dollars.

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Change of Pace
Coaching Package

4 sessions over 1 month

This program is for leaders who are ready for a growth spurt: stepping up to a challenging project, figuring out how to make time for what matters to them, feeling more connected and in control in a significant relationship.This package includes 3 one-hour coaching sessions, 1 twenty-minute energy check-in, and email support between sessions.

You are ready to make some changes in your life: shape up your career, feel more connected in a relationship, figure out how to allocate time to things that are a priority, and create a vision for yourself for the next 3-5 years. The 3-session package will be a good fit for you if you need a turbo boost for making these things happen. Investment: 975 US dollars.

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Coaching Partnership

10 sessions over 3 months

This collaborative project is for leaders who want sustainable growth: leading a new team, comfortably managing work-life balance, expanding in life and at work, and steadily moving through work advancements. This is also a match for you if everything look good in your life, but something feels off. The package includes: 7 one-hour coaching sessions (via Skype/Hangouts/phone), 3 twenty-minute energy check-ins, and email support between sessions.

Let’s figure out what’s missing, and what to do next. This package is not for the faint-hearted: we are talking about taking a comprehensive look at all aspects of your life that require your attention. In what shape is your career? Are you an expert at what you do, but still wish you were doing something different? Do you feel connected with the people you love? Do you sleep enough? Do you play enough? Are you good enough at what you do? What needs to get in shape in your life so that you feel relief and joy? Let’s get it done. Investment: 2250 US dollars.

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Personal Everest
Coaching Partnership

21 sessions over 6 months

Personal Everest coaching partnership is for leaders who want clear reflection, ongoing support, and a strategic plan for maximizing their effectiveness and satisfaction as they undertake a significant challenge: developing a new team, stepping up to a new role in the organization, or making a major career transition. Package includes: 15 one-hour coaching sessions, 6 twenty-minute energy check-in sessions, and email support between sessions.

Get unlimited, personal, unconditional support when you want to focus on achieving a specific life goal, are willing to invest time and energy to make it happen, and want a smart, experienced and powerful coach by your side. Make a career change, build a personal network, create a legacy, manage your time to reflect your priorities, plan a large-scale adventure, develop and use your talents, grow into the position at work that you deserve and desire. Name your end game! Investment: 4950 US dollars.

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 Corporate Solutions

Leadership Development

Leaders are motivated by a great challenge. They want to innovate, to win, to inspire, to excel, to wow. Leaders’ main goals are to help your organization successfully navigate internal and external changes, inspire extraordinary performance, and create organizational structures that support effective work practices.

To make this happen, leaders in your organization need support. With coaching, they will:

  • Get a clear reflection on the impact they make on the team and organization

  • Gain perspective on what is working well and what is hurting, as they are working on meeting business goals and creating a culture where everyone thrives

  • Develop a strategic vision for managing organizational change and key relationships

  • Obtain a safe lab and sounding board in support of implementing innovative solutions

My executive coaching clients are changing the world at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, NYSE, UN, and American Council on Education. What would you like to see happen in your organization in terms of supporting your leaders? Let’s talk about making this happen together.



Team Development

Building creative, high-performing, collaborative teams with high trust level is one of the greatest leadership challenges. What needs to happen in your team right now to make it more effective?

We would start our collaboration with a diagnosis: What is working well? What’s not working? Is everyone on the team on board with the common goal? Are team members excited to be a part of this team? Do they share information freely? Does everyone understand each other’s roles? Once we understand the team’s greatest challenge, the team’s purpose and goals, we can create and implement customized solutions for team practices and structures to build trust, maximize collaboration, and boost productivity and learning.

Speaking engagements, presentations, and workshops

Through dynamic workshops and presentations, you can inspire and motivate your best people, signal change, get on the same page with your team, and provide tools to help your leaders make things happen.

I am an experienced workshop designer and facilitator. My programs are built with a deep understanding of adult learning principles. I believe that workshops should expand participants’ knowledge, skill set, and inspire action.

My programs are customized to each client’s needs, practical, interactive, relevant and applicable to participants’ challenges. I’ve designed programs including 20-minute keynotes, 1-3 hour workshops for five to one hundred people, multi-day leadership development programs with over fifty participants, and conference talks for over three hundred attendees.

Examples of recent speaking engagements:

Women’s Leadership Program: “Step Into Your Own Power”
UJA Family Retreat Program: “The Illusion and Reality of Having It All: Big Careers, Little Children, Sex, and Fulfillment”
The Garrison Institute: “Sensing for Thinkers”
Google: “Intuitive Wayfinding as a Mode of Knowing”
Google: “Intuition & Creativity: Science & Myths”
Google: “Impostor Syndrome: From ‘Not Good Enough’ to ‘Brilliant!’”
Facebook: “Using Gut Feeling to Connect & Persuade”
American Council on Education: “Fearless Career Mapping”
The New  York Open Center: “Taking the Intuition Leap: Solutions for Everyday Living”
The Academy of Management Conference: “Introducing Intuition to Analytical Thinkers”
Brandeis Association of Lawyers and Judges: “Managing Energy Under Pressure”
Limmud FSU Conference: “Managing Energy in Stressful Situations”
Martha Beck International Coaches Summit: “Wish Materialization Engineering”

It would be my privilege to customize a program for your team. Please, email me the specifics of your event, or set up a 30-minute exploratory call, and we will begin a conversation about creating an exciting event for your organization.

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