Helping analytical thinkers understand and use intuition
through research and self-awareness


Research suggests that we can be trained to cultivate intuition and creativity in order to get reliable insights on cue. Training intuition is a similar process to training your body: it takes a great deal of practice over time, with proper feedback and adjustment. My intuition development workshops are designed for analytical and creative thinkers who want to explore alternative decision-making systems. I’ve written an Amazon #1 Best-selling kindle book, Skeptic’s Guide to Intuition, to help analytical people understand intuition better. I’ve taught multiple workshops on understanding and developing intuition, including corporate programs at Google, Facebook, and MIT Sloan School of Management, and interest in this program continues to grow.

As a skeptic who wanted to understand and use intuition reliably, I have been on a quest for empirical evidence for intuition for the past 20 years. With the goal of translating academic research on intuition into mindful tools for managing performance, I collaborate with and learn from academics around the word who study intuition.

I invite you to work with me because as a result of our work together, you will be able to make better decisions, develop greater self-awareness, connect with people in new ways, get closure in difficult situations, and get a better perspective on your current challenges. Here is how we can work together:

Development Workshops

All workshops are tailored to the needs of your participants. Intuition development workshops focus on:

  • Discuss scientific basis for the connection between intuition and creativity
  • Master strategies for generating and capitalizing on “aha!” moments
  • Explore ways to translate gut feeling into creative, practical solutions
  • Increase self-awareness and build confidence in your insights
  • Increase comfort level for making decisions in complex and ambiguous situations

Please, set up an exploratory call or send an email inquiry with your questions and information about your audience, their goals, and your timeline.



Intuition Consultation

This is a 30-minute phone session for obtaining relevant, actionable information not usually available through traditional analytical reasoning.

This insightful, unusual session is for creative and analytical thinkers who are interested in quickly tapping into information that is not accessible through traditional means. Want to know more? (Here is a list of frequently asked questions about private consultations with an intuitive.) Investment: 175 US dollars.

Schedule an Applied Intuition Consultation

Planning Session

This is a 1.5 hour session for evaluating whether you’re where you want to be in life, and planning for the future. This energy+ strategy session is for leaders who want an intensive, personalized one-time strategic planning session to plan the next move in their career and life. Let’s talk about your your goals, your challenges, and dreams. I will ask you questions that will shift your perspective. You will be able to take immediate steps toward implementing the new vision. You are an analytical person who wants to make things happen: a clear goal, a solid plan, and a visible path. You also don’t dismiss the idea that energy matters, and want access to data you can’t always gather through conventional means. This package offers the best of two worlds. Investment: 350 US dollars.

Schedule a Strategic Planning Session


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