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Research by Dr. Viktor Dorfler. Read his book chapter, Methods Against Methods, discussing whether it’s possible to systematically develop creativity.


Greatinterview with Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman and Psychologist Gary Klein on making a strategic decision to trust or not trusting one’s gut.


Excellent article from HBR on decision-making, using both analysis and intuition.


Do you ever find yourself working in your sleep? Surprisingly, your mind can do a lot while you sleep. What would you get done in your sleep if you could?
“What the Psychic Knew”. Great story about mid-life, purpose, and life changes.


Articles & Videos

Asmart article from The Art of Manliness on Essential qualities of a leader.
Your decisiveness, or lack thereof, will make or break your success, according to this Business Insider Article.
What do great listeners actually do? An insightfu lHBR article.
Multitasking vs. deep work: which one is more likely to get you promoted?
ESSENTIAL article from HBR on importance of practicing “being your future self”.


Articles & Videos

“Choosing Wrong”. Why smart people make wrong choices.
A wonderful article from The Art of Manliness on the way our brain processes time, and what we can do to “stretch” or “shorten time.
Four rituals that will make you happy, according to neuroscience..
THE best article on mindfulness I’ve read in a long time. Experiment!
Science-based case for giving yourself a break, from Emma Seppala
In this brilliant TED talk, Guy Winch asks us to take our emotional health as seriously as we take our physical health — and explores how to heal from common heartaches.
“Why is Everyone So Busy?” is an article from The Economist that analyzes the origin and nature of “time poverty”.
Phenomenally interesting interview with Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity
Your words may predict your future inner state. Excellent TED talk about listening between the lines.
An interesting article on importance of male friendships.
Ben Ambridge gives a great TED talk, debunking many common psychology myths. Brace yourself.
Paulo Coehlo on following one’s path. Excellent advice. Full story.
HOW TO MAKE HARD CHOICES is THE best TED talk that I’ve ever watched. And I’ve watched many. You simply MUST make 15 minutes to watch this brilliant talk on making choices.

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